Sit With Me

" Sit with Me a moment,

My love can heal your pain.

Let My strength be your comfort,

Through the darkest, coldest rain.

Close your eyes;

Feel Me here;

Claim the peace within your heart.

Release to me your deepest fears.

Know that We shall never part..."

              JohannaE. Kohn

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Hopefully the voting doesn't discourage you. I liked this a lot but even in my own poems when I write them I judge them myself. Putting them in the it's pretty good to the someone is really going to like this. But the strange thing as you may know already is one person might think your poems run of the mill and another person finds it refreshing and quite a thrill.

Take care


I enjoyed this poem as well. I tend to be very conservative with my ratings, but don't let that lead you to believe you are not talented because you are. Very much so. I have not yet read something you have written that I did not enjoy.

Thank you, Mr. Hales, so much, for your comment. It is greatly appreciated! Blessings

Another very encouraging write. There hasn't been a shortage of positive energy in any of what I have read so far. I admire the innocence and passion in your work. I would love to see some versatility, however, being that you have me very curious. The positive tone doesn't have to change, I merely appreciate your perspective and would be curious to see you cover a unique concept. have me thinking. My poetry has always been spiritual in nature. From time to time, I start a poem that is a bit outside of my usual. I have one now that I have started called, "And So They Play." It is about children whom I have observed over the years playing in parks with my own children. And how complete strangers come in the innocence of youth...and the complete lack of judgment and limitation....can come together and bond.....and connect on levels that we, as adults, have completely forgotten and lost through time. It has proven to be a difficult write for me....but maybe, I will pick up the old "pen" again, and continue my work on it. I have always felt that a lot of my writings are too tame and simplistic for most.....but, again, I am excited and motivated by your wonderful feedback! Thank you!