I built this quite a while ago I am dealing with cancer issues hopefully I can get back to this soon...

Stanley Victor Paskavich

Legal Name Fraud - copyrite is illegal!

I tarotuser (reference), Do Not aid and abet in the legal name fraud.

My material IS NOT copyrited EVER. Please Feel Free To Distribute ALL of my Posts FREEly.

Expression Is About Freedom. You can not steal from Source.

I hereby De Clair, the copyrite symbol for Slavery and Fraud in the Rite Bottom Side Bar Of My Blog Page is Null And VOID, Forever. I do not agree with it nor is it Real in my 5D reality.



Astro Arche-Type

I Love Aries, Let's Put These Technology Drops 

Into Action & Expression and Put Out the Fires.

I Love Taurus, We Shall Beautify & Nurture

Our Mother Earth Gaia.

I Love GEM-In-Eye, We Share Freely 

All The Data Which Needs To Be Known.

I Love Cancer, Now Is The Time To 

Rebuild Homes With Feeling & Stability.

I Love Leo, We Rejoice On Stage,

Creating Loving Relationships.

I Love Virgo, For Precise Healing Of The

Environments & The Body Forms.

I Love Libra, Planting Seeds Of Truth With


System Insanity,

How Reel Is That?

If Ewe Make The Laws,

You Have To Live PHAT.

Tew Bee

What's 2 Bee Afraid Of?

Ill-Use-ION Is All It's Made Of.

FREE-Dom Is INnAte,

Divine Love,

They Can Not Term-Innate.


What Are You Afraid Of? 

Don'tcha Gno What You Are Maid Of?

Power, All, Full.

Awe-Ful Power.

Why Are We Seeing You Cower?

How Come You Committed Suicide In The Shower?

Everyone Should Check There Breaks.

Humanity Has Had All It Can Take.

We Love You, We Let You Go,

The New Paradigms Are Unleashed,

Be In The Flow.

In The Now-ing

Roosters Crowing, In the Knowing,

Neighbors Toiling, Nature They Love Destroying,

Sirens Blowing.

Harm-Spray Arising,

Cheminizing Gaia's Horizon,

Predators Nearing,

White Light Searing,

My Head Is Clearing, 

The Rooster Is Declaring,

"Just Saying."





Go Nameless

Legal (?) Name Fraud, That's the anti-christ.

​It Ain't Yours, if it's @#$%! Registered.

Legality Isn't Reality, We Know That To Be True,

Stickman On A Piece Of Paper, 

For Sure, That's Not You.

Day 2

I spent a long time yesterday telling others about this site and how it's meant to work. Just to make sure their isn't any mistakes. Poets that post or people that view posts have the use of the share social media buttons. If you have a problem with people sharing your work for some reason you might not want to post it here...

Appreciation & Freedom For All Kinds

I would like to EX-press my Gratitude for Mr. Hales, the WebMaster for CREATE-ing this platform.

Equal Thanks Are A Must For All The Inspiration and Enlightenment Freely Given From Author & Philanthropist

Stanley  VICTOR  Paskavich.

Words Are Evolving Too.

We Are Free, We Are UNLIMITED, rite Now, rite Know.

Sow Much Love.



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