The Stillness

“ All of Nature, wild and free.

Connected to you; connected to me.

Superiority’s veil; look past the illusion,

Within their eyes, life’s sacred inclusion.

Into the stillness, love’s truth rings clear.

The beauty of Oneness, for All to hear…”

                    JohannaE. Kohn

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The faith, the compassion...the positive charge of every atom. The light is not for everyone, but you make quite a case for it. I love the imagery of "the veil." Your work is like a strong cup of eyes are wide. Can't wait to read more.

You made me smile.......I am definitely an advocate of the light with a strong respect for the dark and it's value.  I must say, it is nice to have my creative expression valued, so deeply. Thank you, again. Peace.

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