One of my favorite photographs! I added my poem, "Nature."

The Beauty Of Darkness

I was taking a walk one night as the sun was setting in the distance. I loved the gray and pink of the darkening night sky and the silhouette of the trees against it.

A Tree

I love trees and clouds!

Winter's Trees

I love the bare trees of winter.

Unity's Pledge

I took this shot of the American Flag through the trees at Valley Forge National Park in Pennsylvania. I added my "Unity's Pledge," to my photo.


I love flowers (just incase you couldn't tell)! This photo was taken of a bouquet that my daughter gave me for my birthday last year.

Autumn's Bounty

" As the haze of summer heat, slowly, drifts away,

I welcome the cool breeze of a crisp autumn day.

Trees in full bloom, vibrant colors catch the eye.

The Promise

Yes, I love flowers!! I brought these roses home from a local farmers market.  Only took about a billion pictures of these beautiful flowers. I added one of my favorite poems, "The Promise."

Life's Garden

I received a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from my  husband and 6 year old daughter for Mother's Day last year, of which I proceeded to take a million pictures .

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