Image Gallery

Welcome to the Image Gallery. Here are presented poetical visual works submitted by our members. Any of these might look great on your Facebook wall!

There might be a lot here, so we have provided tools with which the user can bring some order to the chaos. Taking the last first, there is the “Order” option. This simply reverses the sorting order so you can look at things from back to front. The default sort is to show the images listed by post date, newest first. If one were to change the “Sort by” option to “Title,” one would have the poems listed in alphabetical order, instead. If you choose the “Rating” sorting option, the list will be rearranged to show the highest-rated images at the top (ascending) or the bottom (descending). Lastly is the first thing, the "Filter by tag(s)” option. Here one may enter a comma separated list of tags to limit the list to those works tagged in a similar fashion. This option features an autocomplete feature so just start typing and wait a second and all the available options will pop right up. Entering more tags will whittle results down further and further, so don't get too wild with your selections or you may end up with nothing to look at!

Once you have all of the options set up just how you like them, simply click “Apply.” It’s that easy!

If you click the thumbnails, you'll get a closer look. If you click on the title of an image, you'll visit that image's page where you can share it, comment on it, and rate it! Not only that, each image page serves as a portal to the original (and sometimes much larger) image!


Enter tags, separated by commas. The list will show only those images with all of the selected tags.