Call Of The Storm

" Will we understand, this time,

Our sacred connection to All.

Realize our Divine Truth;

Learn from our past,

And heed our Mother's call.

Will we stand strong,

The calm through life's storms;

Spirit guiding our way.

A living example of heaven on Earth;

Shining our light every day..."

                 JohannaE. Kohn

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What a breath of fresh air. I actually felt reassured after reading this. I felt hopeful and happier. This is energy in written form. I am not in the business of blowing smoke, (as I am a firm believer in giving a hand up rather than a hand out) and this is absolutely beautiful.

Hi Left_Chevron_Three,

Thank you, so much, for your comment. It was very kind and very much appreciated. I find it interesting that you said that "this is energy in written form," because I do my best to always write from the heart and send out peaceful and loving words. I only write when I feel inspired to do so, and it must flow naturally and not be forced. So, for you to say that, makes me feel that the intention of love behind my words can reach the reader's heart, as was my greatest hope. Thank you, again.......feeling very blessed, right now. Blessings.