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Battle after battle,

A little more of my innocence was lost,

My machine gun continues to rattle,

Showing the enemy who's boss

Cutting through them like cattle...

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 Payback is a bitch,

Can't wait for our roles to switch,

You'll be in need of my help,

Better hit up another man or Yelp,

Because you treated me like shit,


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The Women's Open was held at Trump National last week,

Allowing me to strut around and be at my peak.

Old comments caused the LPGA to consider changing venue,

My direct and...

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आईना जो कहता है हम उससे मान लिया करते है
आईने के जरिए हम खुद को पहचान लिया करते है
जो होती है कोई कमी तो वो कह देता है मुझे बुरा
और हम चुपचाप खुद को बुरा मान लिया करते है

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I wrote a song for you, High above the clouds

that only angels can sing.

and you can hear.


Let us wander in my dreams, and join you in yours.

Beyond the...

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Unlike many, I am excited for this, but I fear I will be disappointed.What I need is an Elder Scrolls game, or"encounter" on mobile devices, optimized for mobile devices (Anyone else emulate...

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Ok, allow me to ask you a question. And then somebody else came to you and said,"Hey, I played with a later version, the Alpha, closer to launch, and it's actually pretty great." Who'd you believe...

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Bearing this in mind, it would make sense for Jagex to create a new game with similarities to RuneScape. Jagex saw great success with all the sport when it started, and to the day, tens of...

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That's not the purpose. Morrowind is Far Bigger compared to Daggerfall and Arena. Morrowind is acceptable for a lot of affidavit I dont affliction to lengthily note. Oblivion is even bigger in...

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The Mets incorporate declared that David Wright will be transferring in the direction of Triple-A Las Vegas toward proceed his rehab assignment. He experienced been rehabbing inside Port St. Lucie...

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