The Well of Serenity


We can't stand, when
we can't stand it, and
we won't stand for it
anymore, we are irrational
random numbers, branded
"asses" botched to perfection

The Stillness

“ All of Nature, wild and free.

Connected to you; connected to me.

Superiority’s veil; look past the illusion,

Within their eyes, life’s sacred inclusion.

Sit With Me

" Sit with Me a moment,

My love can heal your pain.

Let My strength be your comfort,

Through the darkest, coldest rain.

Close your eyes;

Feel Me here;

I Am Here

" I am here; I wait for your call.

Through all of time: Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall.

From Our love, GodSelf will flow.

The experience of Creation,

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