Astro Arche-Type

I Love Aries, Let's Put These Technology Drops 

Into Action & Expression and Put Out the Fires.

I Love Taurus, We Shall Beautify & Nurture

Our Mother Earth Gaia.

I Love GEM-In-Eye, We Share Freely 

All The Data Which Needs To Be Known.

I Love Cancer, Now Is The Time To 

Rebuild Homes With Feeling & Stability.

I Love Leo, We Rejoice On Stage,

Creating Loving Relationships.

I Love Virgo, For Precise Healing Of The

Environments & The Body Forms.

I Love Libra, Planting Seeds Of Truth With

Flowers To Balance The Planet.

I Love Scorpio, Let's Channel Our Power,

Rebirth Souls & Regenerate Our Partnerships.

I Love Sagittarius, We Will Dissolve All Ego-Made

Borders For Expansion & Goodness.

I Love Capricorn, Time For Structuring New Paradigms With

Feeling & Equality For All Beings.

I Love Aquarius, Knowing, Living, the Future-Present-Now

Bringing Vivid High Tech In Gratitude For All.

I Love Pisces, Selflessly Giving All The Gifts Of

Creation To Humanity & Beyond.