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Autumn's Bounty

" As the haze of summer heat, slowly, drifts away,

I welcome the cool breeze of a crisp autumn day.

Trees in full bloom, vibrant colors catch the eye.

The Miracle Of Now

“Step into what is;

Simply allow what is to be;

Enter this place of the Now.

Allow it to create itself

From the innocent eyes of the new.


I Am All-mite-y for-ce',



Sense, Abel too feel,


A Guard-e-ION,


This is Real,

The Per-Ceived,

I Am Here

" I am here; I wait for your call.

Through all of time: Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall.

From Our love, GodSelf will flow.

The experience of Creation,

Premier Souffle

From carefully sculpted and fine formed clay.
The creator made Adam in his image one day.
Yet Adam was lifeless as lifeless as death

Love's Dare

From my heart, sings my soul’s song.

I must speak it’s message for I have not long.

To impart my words of loving care.

To all those who wish to take love’s dare.



The mind's the temple the body's its creation.
Without its electric impulses we would have never tasted sensation.
From the first spark which started at conception


My spines bent marred and serrated
as weak as my soul.
My lungs seek atoms fine particles which comprise the all.
Spawned to merely attach and detach eternally.


Oh seek ye a higher plane.
Seek ye joy and jubilation.
Lavish in dreams long since past buried neath thy brow.

Lamentation Of Something Special

There's four simple letters that torment our life.
They can take you from happiness to pain and strife.
L.O.S.S is a simple word to look at and see