Wait Let Me Update My Profile

Wake up in the morning prepared to rush through my day

But not before I see what my Facebookers have to say

One minute into ten, ten into an hour……

Wait let me watch just one

More video before I hop into this shower

Never realizing that time is tick tick ticking

While hands on keyboard and continuously click clicking

Caught up in a whirlwind of all speculation and no action

And if time is money, minutes are being over drafted

But each click gets you closer to a bit more procrastination

And we of this X generation have lost feelings of personable relations

Social Media have caused us to be so desensitized,

As internet thugs, we have traded

True Love for nods and pokes and virtual hugs

We do not live in the moment or even stop to feel

So fixated with reality but no longer in touch with what is real

And reality is edited, photo-shopped and cropped out

Never debunking what we see never questioning our doubts

Our focus has been clouded with what they want us to believe

To such propaganda we are indebted

As audiences grow younger negativity is embedded

We’re punching time clocks on Facebook

but never getting paid

To the tweets and hashtags

We’ve fell victim and have become enslaved

Educating ourselves on Instagram

But never getting credits for the class

I had thoughts of updating my profile----

But on second thought

 I think I’ll pass


Poem by Ki WARD 5/09/2015

5:50 AM

Creative Commons Licence
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Stantasyland's picture

Awesome poem and oh so true!