We can't stand, when
we can't stand it, and
we won't stand for it
anymore, we are irrational
random numbers, branded
"asses" botched to perfection
on alternating sides, remaining
frozen in the center, cut
down to size, a prime time
for choices
 a serving of one
a false King gazing
a narcissistic reflection
porous into his wine glass
I imagine a swollen head, as
we can't stand, when
we can't stand it, and
we won't stand for it.


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I find this poem very interesting......I read it 4 times, very slowly........and for me, it contains the human plight under the veil within this illusion of life. "Alternate sides"...for me, the world of the relative..."remaining frozen in the center,"  zero point or neutrality......."a prime time for choices." me is the ultimate gift of life....the very purpose of be lived through our free will and personal choices....."A serving of One,' means to me that even though we all believe in the individual character that our ego has created, we will always be united within the truth of The One......! I could go on and on about how I perceived your words...I really enjoyed this!!! Thank you!  Blessings. 

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Kind of reminds me of one of mine...