Battle after battle,

A little more of my innocence was lost,

My machine gun continues to rattle,

Showing the enemy who's boss

Cutting through them like cattle,

Blood stains the ice and frost.

I've won the good fight time and time again

but the war will not end.

Ghosts of those who died,

Haunts me deep inside.

Each week they speak to me,

From beyond the grave.

Be the man I have to be,

And honor the sacrifice they gave.

Being a veteran is a curse and a blessing,

Constant struggle that needs addressing.

On the outside ur fine, 

But you're working with borrowed time.

My demons are being kept away, 

But I'm always on guard.

They will come again one day,

Halting their assault is getting hard.

I put my faith in the Lord and He carried me through,

Saying, "What else will u have me do?"

I fell to my knees and prayed,

Thank u for bringing me back when I went astray,

I'm thankful for each breath I take

Each time I see the sun,

Every move I make,

There can be Only One.

Put my faith in Him,

And I saw 4 tours to the end.

When the wolf growls at the door,

I say I'm ready for more.

Gonna keep on fighting

and your challenge is inviting.









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