Payback is a bitch,

Can't wait for our roles to switch,

You'll be in need of my help,

Better hit up another man or Yelp,

Because you treated me like shit,

over money I never wanted,

You're nothing, but a twit,

as I rise undaunted,

Looks who's on top,

They're calling me the cream of the crop,

Laughing at your meteoric flop,

Your stock sales continue to drop,

I'm the brother who stole your crown,

and became the talk of the town.

As I break ground on another club banger,

I was the friend you shouldn't have treated like a stranger.

I'm a very loyal brother,

Who loves like no other,

But there's two sides to a coin,

My brotherhood you refused to join,

So I left you out in the cold,

In with the new and out with the old,

I succeeded where you failed,

Too late to catch me, the ship has sailed,








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