Love's Dare

From my heart, sings my soul’s song.

I must speak it’s message for I have not long.

To impart my words of loving care.

To all those who wish to take love’s dare.


Kindness to others and compassion to all,

Is the Divine’s most humble and loving call.

Giving to others from the depths of our hearts,

Shows what our divine nature’s can impart.


Smiling at the world, harms not a one.

It teaches others how to have some fun.

Bringing laughter to the world is a noble cause.

Showing the world it’s nature in humorous collage.


True understanding and patience are the greatest keys.

Through them you can melt away a persons dis-ease.

By sowing the seeds of love, kindness and harmony,

You can bring forth peace on the wings of destiny.


By SoulFire

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Excellent Poem Jenn!