Lamentation Of Something Special

There's four simple letters that torment our life.
They can take you from happiness to pain and strife.
L.O.S.S is a simple word to look at and see
but it cuts so deep within humanity.
Whether someone dies that you loved dear.
Or a person walks out of your life who you once held so near .
The pain you experience in each situation will be almost the same.
Each and every day life's turmoil torments our brain.
It can lead us to heart aches so unbearable at times.
That all you can think of is someone you can't find.
At times it can lead a person to wanting their life to end.
Because of the loss of a relative or a beloved friend.
Loss and change can cause sensory overload.
But there the two events that will always unfold.
So when you're hurting so deep from within
from the loss of a loved one or a close friend.
Search deep inside your heart to set yourself free.
By simply reliving each and every fond memory.
Stanley Victor Paskavich

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