Interpreting Wonderland


Which side of the pillow do we truly exist?

Isn’t each side an illusion with pains to persist?

Your dreams could be a heaven for another to find.

Mine could be a hell that could torment their mind.

Perceptions, perceptions with no firm absolute.

Remember there’s things man can not compute.

The best place to hide the answers humans can’t see,

is secretly tucked away in our dreams that run free.

I believe I’m on a plane between never and now,

eternally trapped within some why and some how.

Scientist can’t tell you “HOW” we’re on the Earth,

and haven’t produced a “WHY” that has any worth.

Let’s get real and connect all our thought,

then find the answers that have so long been sought.

I believe the best answers mankind could debate,

won’t come from a book but the dreams we create.

Stanley Victor Paskavich

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