Donald's Midsummer Laments (political satire)

The Women's Open was held at Trump National last week,

Allowing me to strut around and be at my peak.

Old comments caused the LPGA to consider changing venue,

My direct and combative response: "try that and I'll sue."


A weekend watching golf and feasting on red meat,

Versus working in Washington? That was easy to beat.

Now that I'm finally back at the White House,

I just tweet in my bed and complain to my spouse.


My TrumpCare bill has completely stalled,

"Healthcare for the wealthy" it's now called.

The Great Witch Hunt is also in full gear,

Ensnaring a son I hold most dear.


This guy Mueller appeared in a dream,

Causing me to shake up my legal team.

But why be bothered with lots of legal jargon,

I'll just use executive pardon.


The appointment of "The Mooch" made things dicey,

So we bid farewell to the guy nicknamed Spicy.

We've got a feisty gal who can dismiss press corps slanders,

She's the one and only - Sarah Huckabee Sanders.


As my poll numbers drop I'm completely disgusted,

Are Americans starting to believe Fake Media CAN be trusted?

I alter my position daily on climate change to show flexibility,

Yet all that I hear back is I lack credibility.


Made in America Week will surely make us great,

Yet U.S. firms wanting to make Trump products will have to wait.

The world's cheapest labor is what I must pursue,

As always - ""Do as I say, not as I do."


If not a wall then I must do something about our Mexican border,

At the very least I can sign another executive order.

Those signing ceremony photo ops sure show I'm in control,

What a great way to douse press vitriol.


Perhaps the chubby nutcase in North Korea can be of use,

His missile tests are no longer viewed as a ruse.

My administration needs a major news distraction,

Why I can press "the button" and be a man of action!



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