Dead Letter Box

Assenting to her divinity, I go,
without my eyes,
"A hero will know"

 My dreams must be believed,
dreams such as these,
the way we are lost,
and have turned,
for her to help us home.

"A hero will know"
the fail of us,
 on our own-

The reborn and dying have warned,
ignorance had buried them long before,
though undead children, robbed of truth,
still feed on the open sore.
Unknowingly linked to this spirit sucking change,
hypnotically linked to these shiny f**king chains,
 and the deadbeats, whom rattle the open hearts...
deadheads whom numb the open minds,
dead souls whom cross the open arms...

when dead to rights, 
won't open their eyes-

There WILL be a savior among us,
to turn our caskets into beds,
to bleed and breathe for us,
to paint our black roses red,
to mend our wishbone souls,
to become what they can't ignore,
to scribble over naive faces,
to draw them through the door-

Lamenting her serenity, I leave,
a fire has died, though
"A hero will be"



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Quite  a transition from beginning to end!