The Curse of Kindness

There are vampires that live in the dark or the sun.

How many times have you been drained by one?

They don’t suck your blood or wear a black cape.

When they channel your mind, there’s no escape.

You’ll find them at work. They’ll come to your home.

They’re in the chat rooms and even the phone.

Think this over and you’ll know that it’s true,

about what Psychic Vampires can do to you.

How many times has one left you feel drained

and totally distraught in emotional pain?

Victim scripts and drama are the cards they play,

ebbing away at you each day by day.

The next time someone sees you or calls you to complain.

Remember don’t get sucked in or it’ll torment your brain.

Tell them I’m busy, I have my own problems too.

Always beware of what the Psychic Vamps do!

Stanley Victor Paskavich

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Subbuji's picture

Vampires suck Blood, 

They are not so good,

One needs to be careful with them, 

U rightly said some are on the prowl, 

They are like an owl.