Autumn's Bounty

" As the haze of summer heat, slowly, drifts away,

I welcome the cool breeze of a crisp autumn day.

Trees in full bloom, vibrant colors catch the eye.

Warm browns, deep reds, orange and gold;

Oh my....

Fallen leaves, now free, crackling under my feet.

The brisk fall wind scattering them across lawns,

Sidewalks and streets.

Pumpkin pie, banana bread; delicious scents fill the air.

Hay rides and corn mazes; find your way if you dare.

Halloween, Thanksgiving; what a joyful time of year.

Anticipation for the holidays that soon will be here.

Glowing sunsets that bring shortened days to an end.

With each new morning gifting us,

Autumn's bounty, once again...”

                     JohannaE. Kohn

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You capture the season well. Very festive. Everything you would hope to expect and appreciate about Fall is here. Great imagery. Nice work!