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Battle after battle,

A little more of my innocence was lost,

My machine gun continues to rattle,

Showing the enemy who's boss


 Payback is a bitch,

Can't wait for our roles to switch,

You'll be in need of my help,

Better hit up another man or Yelp,

Because you treated me like shit,

Donald's Midsummer Laments (political satire)

The Women's Open was held at Trump National last week,

Allowing me to strut around and be at my peak.

Old comments caused the LPGA to consider changing venue,


आईना जो कहता है हम उससे मान लिया करते है
आईने के जरिए हम खुद को पहचान लिया करते है
जो होती है कोई कमी तो वो कह देता है मुझे बुरा
और हम चुपचाप खुद को बुरा मान लिया करते है

I did it all for you

I wrote a song for you, High above the clouds

that only angels can sing.

and you can hear.


Let us wander in my dreams, and join you in yours.

Wait Let Me Update My Profile

Wake up in the morning prepared to rush through my day

But not before I see what my Facebookers have to say

One minute into ten, ten into an hour……


We can't stand, when
we can't stand it, and
we won't stand for it
anymore, we are irrational
random numbers, branded
"asses" botched to perfection

Call Of The Storm

" Will we understand, this time,

Our sacred connection to All.

Realize our Divine Truth;

Learn from our past,

And heed our Mother's call.

The Stillness

“ All of Nature, wild and free.

Connected to you; connected to me.

Superiority’s veil; look past the illusion,

Within their eyes, life’s sacred inclusion.

Sit With Me

" Sit with Me a moment,

My love can heal your pain.

Let My strength be your comfort,

Through the darkest, coldest rain.

Close your eyes;

Feel Me here;