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Genius by Birth Bipolar by Design
Real Name: 
Stanley Victor Paskavich
Newman Illinois
Self Portrait: 

My life
I was born at St. Mary's hospital in Centralia, Illinois December 19, 1958. After graduating at Sandoval High School, I worked there as a janitor a few years.On March 16, 1979 I joined the United States Air Force and served twelve and one half years, achieving the rank of Technical Sergeant. I maintained a nine performance level, which is the highest mark, for my entire career. After volunteering to work at the Port Mortuary in Dover, Delaware during Desert Storm and Desert Shield as NCOIC (Non Commissioned Officer In Charge) of the body handlers, I returned back to my home base of K. I. Sawyer AFB in Gwinn, Michigan.
MY life and career went severely downhill. I began suffering from PTSD and bipolar disorder, along with suicidal ideation.
The base was in transition of closing so I took an SSB buyout in September, 1991 and ended my career in the Air force.
My condition ultimately caused a divorce.
After many years of therapy and medical treatment I now maintain a somewhat balanced and healthy life. I believe that my poetry is where I hide my Demons. I have been writing poetry since I was seventeen years old.  “As far as my life and the lives of other veterans, don't be afraid to go to the V. A. and get the help you need. They have done wonders with my life and, without their help, I probably wouldn't be here today.”
Currently I have four books in print: Stantasyland: Poetic Verses, Return to Stantasyland: Poetic Verses, Stantasyland Quips quotes and quandaries plus Curse of the First Bite which is an ongoing epic poem. It is written completely in rhyming couplets spanning over four hundred pages and one hundred thousand words. It is a tale of modern fantasy in which a gifted sorceress begins a quest to rid the world of a powerful circle of evil vampires that have been preying upon mankind for thousands of years. They're all on

Personal Metaphors
If I were a natural phenomenon I would be: 
If I were a metal I would be: 
If I were an animal I would be: 
a Black Unicorn
If I were a color I would be: 
Purple and Gold
If I were a mythological being I would be: 
a Centaur
If I were a human activity I would be: 
If I were a work of art I would be: 
If I were a weapon I would be: 
If I were an object I would be: 
tuning fork

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PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

PTSD affects more than just Veterans, anyone can be afflicted...

Cage the Rage

Writing can be the best release at times...

Serenity of Dreams

Imagination will always prevail...


This image is my personal perception of life with and empowering ending.


The mind's the temple the body's its creation.
Without its electric impulses we would have never tasted sensation.
From the first spark which started at conception


My spines bent marred and serrated
as weak as my soul.
My lungs seek atoms fine particles which comprise the all.
Spawned to merely attach and detach eternally.


Oh seek ye a higher plane.
Seek ye joy and jubilation.
Lavish in dreams long since past buried neath thy brow.

Lamentation Of Something Special

There's four simple letters that torment our life.
They can take you from happiness to pain and strife.
L.O.S.S is a simple word to look at and see

The Curse of Kindness

There are vampires that live in the dark or the sun.

How many times have you been drained by one?

Interpreting Wonderland


Which side of the pillow do we truly exist?

Isn’t each side an illusion with pains to persist?

Your dreams could be a heaven for another to find.