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Real Name: 
Justin Price
Self Portrait: 

I wouldn't be anyone without first mentioning my girls, Trinity (11) and Alaina (3 Mos.). They are who keep me upbeat and motivated, along with my fiance Lauren and her son Nicholas. As far as poetry is concerned, it is (and always has been) my one consistent positive release. I love to read it just as much as I love to write it. I am looking forward to sharing and having others share their work. Best of luck to everyone who has had the courage to reach out, and to those who have yet to find us.

Personal Metaphors
If I were a natural phenomenon I would be: 
the last storm cloud before a rainbow
If I were a metal I would be: 
If I were an animal I would be: 
a squirrel
If I were a color I would be: 
If I were a mythological being I would be: 
gizmo after midnight
If I were a human activity I would be: 
If I were a work of art I would be: 
"Starry Night"
If I were a weapon I would be: 
If I were an object I would be: 
in a pawn shop

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We can't stand, when
we can't stand it, and
we won't stand for it
anymore, we are irrational
random numbers, branded
"asses" botched to perfection

Dead Letter Box

Assenting to her divinity, I go,
without my eyes,
"A hero will know"