Day 2

I spent a long time yesterday telling others about this site and how it's meant to work. Just to make sure their isn't any mistakes. Poets that post or people that view posts have the use of the share social media buttons. If you have a problem with people sharing your work for some reason you might not want to post it here...

Appreciation & Freedom For All Kinds

I would like to EX-press my Gratitude for Mr. Hales, the WebMaster for CREATE-ing this platform.

Equal Thanks Are A Must For All The Inspiration and Enlightenment Freely Given From Author & Philanthropist

Stanley  VICTOR  Paskavich.

Words Are Evolving Too.

We Are Free, We Are UNLIMITED, rite Now, rite Know.

Sow Much Love.


About Viral Poetry

Your posts can be shared via the social network buttons. You can share your own or others can share yours. If there are personal poems you care to keep personal don't post them...


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